Parliament of Botswana

By 2036, Botswana will be a land of peace, freedom and progressive governance.

Governance, Peace and Security

Governance, Peace and Security


By 2036, Botswana will be a land of peace, freedom and progressive governance.

Objectives of the Pillar

Constitution and Human Rights

Botswana will live in full enjoyment of their constitutionally guaranteed rights.

Institutional Framework

Established institutions provide efficient and effective services, supported by a robust legal framework and decentralised governance.

Separation of Power and Effective Oversight

The three arms of government will maintain operational independence to ensure their credibility and public confidence.

Bogosi & the Kgotla System

Bogosi will be visible, functional and empowered institution of governance contributing to national development.


The decentralisation of power, decision making, resource mobilisation and service delivery will underpin our governance system.

Civil Society Participation

Civil Society organisations will be partners and legitimate actors in the national development process.

Religion and Society

Botswana’s religious institutions, in partnership with the government, will play an increased role in safeguarding morality, promoting tolerance and assuring progressive governance.

Transparency, Accountability and Implementation

Transparency and accountability are prerequisites for progressive governance and building trust between the public, public institutions, private sector and civic institutions.

  • Botswana will have a transparent and accountable leadership across all sectors.
  • Botswana will have zero tolerance for corruption.
  • Our public sector in partnership with other stakeholders will offer first class services and do more with limited resources.

Electoral System and Political Representation

Botswana will be mature liberal democracy of international standing.

Crime, Peace & Security

Botswana will be a peaceful society with low levels of crime.

Foreign Relations

Botswana will be a responsible, committed and respected member of the international community.

Freedom of Expression and Association

Botswana will continue to guarantee conditional rights to being informed, to freedom of assembly and expression of opinion.

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