Parliament of Botswana

By 2036, Botswana will be a land of peace, freedom and progressive governance.

Sustainable Economic Development

Sustainable Economic Development


By 2036, Botswana will be a high-income country, with an export led economy underpinned by diversifies, inclusive and sustainable growth driven by high levels of productivity.

Objectives of the Pillar

Knowledge-Based Economy

Botswana will be a knowledge-based economy.

Human Capital

Our country will have developed an internationally competitive workforce that is productive, creative and has international exposure.

Doing Business and Competitiveness

Botswana will be a destination of choice for investment.

Infrastructure Development

Botswana will have leading and appropriate infrastructure to promote economic diversification and international trade.

Informal Sector and the Micro and small Enterprises (MSEs)

Botswana will have a vibrant micro and small enterprise sector that contributes significantly to the economy, creation decent jobs and providing sustainable livelihoods for our people.

Mineral Sector

We will have a sustainable, vibrant and diversified mineral sector that is integrated into other sectors of the economy.

Agricultural Sector

Our country will have a sustainable, technology driven and commercially viable agricultural sector.

Manufacturing Sector 

Our manufacturing sector will produce commercially viable, high value products targeted at the export market.

Tourism Sector

The tourism industry will be diversified to provide economic growth and employment opportunities for local communities.

Services Sector

Our services sector’s contribution to GDP, employment and exports will be increased to enhance our economic diversification efforts.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

We will leverage leading information communication technology (ICT) as a key contributor to economic growth and employment whilst also enabling an efficient and public sector.

Financial and Business Services

Botswana will utilise developed financial services capability to fund investment opportunities and generate wealth through the export of financial services.

Transport and Logistics Services

Our Country will be developed into a regional transport corridor and connecting people, goods and services with the rest of the world.

Creative Industries

Our creative industries will be expanded, with products packaged for the national regional and international markets.


We will have a self-sustaining sport industry, producing more globally competitive sportspersons.

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