Parliament of Botswana

By 2036, Botswana will be a land of peace, freedom and progressive governance.

Sustainable Environment

Sustainable Environment


By 2036, sustainable and optimal use of our natural resources will have transformed our economy and uplifted our people’s livelihoods.

Objectives of the Pillar

Ecosystem Functions and Services

Botswana will have healthy ecosystems that support the economy, livelihoods and our cultural heritage as well as well enhance resilience to climate change.

Sustainable Utilisation of Natural Resources

We will manage and allocate our natural resources in an efficient and environmentally sustainable manner.

Water Security

We will be a water efficient and water secure nation.

Energy Security

Botswana will be energy secure, with diversified safe and clean energy sources, and a net energy exporter.

Sustainable Land Use and Management

Our land management system will be transformed to optionally balance all land uses.

Sustainable Human Settlements

Our cities, towns and villages will be safe and clean, providing decent and affordable housing and economic opportunities for all.

Climate Resilience and Disaster Risk Reduction

Botswana will have a low carbon footprint, with a society that is aware of and resilient to the consequences of climate change.

Pollution and Waste

Botswana will be a clean country with solid waste viewed as a resource and its economic value integrated in natural resource planning and management.

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